As the lockdown appears to be prolonged and if we have not spoken to you, we thought that it might be useful to give you some advice of how to care for the machines during this shut down period, and of our operations.

We do appreciate that some of this content will not apply to you, however some of it does, and the care of machines advice below might well prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Shut Down and Start Up Procedure – Traditional Coffee Machines You may have already closed down your machine, however if not we would recommend before switching off the machine please ensure that the groups have been properly back flushed and if using Puly detergent that further cleaning/flushing of the groups is carried out to ensure all chemical is removed before shut down.

The power supply to the machine should be switched off along with the water supply – the shut off valve for the water will normally be located before the water filter in the cupboard beneath the machine.

In addition,  please remember coffee beans will go stale in your grinder within a couple of days.  We recommend emptying both the hopper and dosing chamber, replacing with fresh beans when you start-up. 

Water softeners  (High Importance)

The supplier of water softeners have advised the following action during shut down periods:

“Whilst shut, staff need to arrange regular operation of hot beverage equipment, flushing through at least 4-5 litres of water every 2 – 3days. 

It is good practise to do this if you can, to save cartridges being replaced once premises re-open, as the fine filtration membrane will degrade with the stagnant water.

Shut Down and Start Up Procedure – Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

You can just switch these off, as they are not under mains water pressure within the machine.  However,  we recommend all product is discarded and the machine is left clean, otherwise the dried product will congeal the hopper will jam with moisture and the auger will then brake.

On start-up (if it has not been used for an extended period), put fresh beans, milk and chocolate  into the machine, make 6 or more coffees, and discard these.

Servicing of machines

During this period, we will not be carrying out routine servicing of machines.  Emergency repairs can be carried out, but attendance might be delayed as we have only a small skeleton staff working.

We anticipate that when the current restrictions on trading are lifted, there will be a number of call outs to attend machines that are not working properly.    These call outs will be assessed as a matter of priority and severity.    This will undoubtedly be a difficult period, and we would ask for your understanding at that time.


Regular deliveries are suspended, but orders can be sent out by courier.   Normal prices will apply, but we will be adding a small charge to cover carriage for small orders.

Orders should  be placed by email – <>    or by leaving a message on the answerphone  which is regularly monitored.

Unless you have an approved credit account, we will be asking for payment by card at the time of order.   Alternatively, payment can be made direct to our bank account,  details of which can be found on our invoices.

We wish you all the best during what will be a difficult time for all of us.

Above all, stay healthy.