Kool Kup is a unique cold drinks thickener.
The great thing about our mix is there is no added flavour, meaning you can create a huge variety of drinks from just one packet.
Create drinks by adding syrup and or your desired ingredients to create authentic and delicious chilled beverages such as frappes, smoothies and milkshakes. It’s a great solution to save different flavoured frappe powders, plus it’s gluten free and Vegan. Available in a 1kg bag with clip scoop

Check out how to use Kool Kup in this short video here 🎥

Check out our delicious seasonal winter warming recipe for Gingerbread Hot Kup

2 pumps/ 16ml of 1883 Gingerbread Syrup

7-8oz Whole Milk

1/2 Scoop of Kool Cup

Shot of Espresso

Steam the ingredients altogether with the wand of your coffee machine, to the desired temperature and consistency.

Serving Suggestions : garnish with whipped cream and pop on a mini gingerbread man!

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