At Calypso we love the wide selection of intense flavoured coffee syrups offered by Routin 1883. At least double the concentration of other syrups, made in the French Alps with local water using natural extracts and no fructose or artificial preservatives. But don’t just take our word on how good these syrups are, check out this review –

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat flavour and good value for money

10 December 2016

I’ve tried many different coffee syrups from well known brands to the cheaper ones and to be quite honest I was getting to the point where I just didn’t want to waste any more money but as I do like my coffee with a different flavour I thought I’d give the Philibert Routin 1883 brand a try and I’m glad I did. I found it a tad bit more expensive than some other brands but it’s the old saying that you get what you pay for and I have to say it was worth paying that few extra pounds for a decent syrup you can actually taste the vanilla! It’s thicker consistency than many of the other brands so you don’t need as much which means it’s better value for money you can also smell & taste the difference and I’d go as far to say it’s one of the superior syrups within a decent price bracket that isn’t going to break the bank. Definitely worth a try for anyone who’s looking to get some good quality syrups I’ll be buying this brand

Our Recipe for March, Chai Moka, just run an espresso in a large cup over a shot of chocolate and chai coffee syrups, top with cappuccino foamed milk and finish with a dusting of chocolate powder, yummy……